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DJI Zenmuse FLIR XT2

The DJI Zenmuse FLIR XT2 is at the forefront of commercial drone technology. Featuring the FLIR Tau 2 thermal sensor and a 4K visual camera, along with DJI’s top of the line stabilization and machine learning technology, the DJI Zenmuse FLIR XT2 takes your aerial data and reveals deep insights that can lower costs, save time, and protect human lives.

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DJI Zenmuse XT2 Features:

  • Robust Dual-Sensor Thermal Solution

  • Temp Alarm

  • Heat Track


  • Compatible with DJI Matrice 200 and 600 Series

Whatever your mission requirements, the DJI Zenmuse XT2 with FLIR’s Tau 2 thermal sensor can meet your needs. With purpose-built features to track temperatures and gain real-time insight into thermal properties, and modular compatibility with DJI’s powerful Matrice 200 and 600 series drones, the DJI Zenmuse FLIR XT2 is the best choice for enterprise users.

DJI Zenmuse FLIR XT2 Details:

Robust Dual-Sensor Thermal Solution: FLIR’s powerful radiometric thermal sensor and 4K visual sensor are protected in a weather-resistant enclosure that shields them from the harshest elements.

Temp Alarm: Get notified instantly when object temperatures go above pre-configured parameters with the DJI Zenmuse XT2’s built-in Temp Alarm.

Heat Track: With the DJI Zenmuse XT2, you can follow the heat. Heat Track automatically locks onto the hottest object in sight.

FLIR MSX: The DJI Zenmuse XT2 enables you to instantly interpret visual data. FLIR MSX overlays need-to-know details right on top of the thermal data stream.

Ready for Action: The DJI Zenmuse XT2 secures quickly and easily onto DJI’s popular M200 Series and M600 Pro drones, giving pilots a front-row seat and full control of the powerful FLIR thermal sensor.

When the DJI Zenmuse XT2 is attached to an M200 Series drone, pilots can comfortably fly beyond the conventional limits of drone technology—whether flying in low light levels, gusty winds, or light rain, pilots can navigate with confidence.

The DJI Zenmuse XT2 and M210 drone models provide pilots with a modular platform for advanced drone solutions. Pilots can customize the DJI Zenmuse XT2 with zoom cameras, enhanced onboard processors, and specialized payloads to suit any number of mission objectives.

Purpose-Built Application: Enterprise users can take the DJI Zenmuse XT2 even further with Professional Flight Control DJI Pilot, a feature-packed Android app made to unlock the full power of DJI drones. The app is custom built for the DJI Zenmuse XT2, allowing pilots to optimize flight and aerial imaging processes to suit their needs.


The DJI Pilot app allows users to:

  • access and adjust Spotlight Pro flight modes

  • select area and parameters for Temp Alarm

  • view on-screen temperature measurements

  • access thermal settings including color palette, isotherm, and more

Compatible DJI Drones for DJI Zenmuse FLIR XT2 Gimbal

DJI Matrice 200 V2

DJI Matrice 210 V2

DJI Matrice 210 RTK V2

DJI Matrice 600